Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

When you have a desire to regrow your hair in a natural manner, then you need to consider getting hair transplants in Turkey. This is due to the fact that the price of hair transplants in Turkey 2022 is much cheaper than in the US or the UK. As a result, anyone who is seriously considering getting hair transplants because of an intense craving to possess a lovely full head of hair again that they can be proud of should certainly invest the money and effort in regard to getting hair transplants in Turkey.

You will be pleased that you can have access to some of the most advanced hair transplant clinics if you go to Turkey. You will see that these clinics are truly trustworthy and that they will do a great job for you. Thus, when you get a transplant there, you will see that the hair roots will be able to experience a growth cycle that procures better density and you will certainly achieve the best results for your hair that you can be really proud of.

It is only natural for you to desire to know the exact cost of hair transplants in Turkey. Consequently, at this present time, the price of hair transplants in the nation of Turkey on average can range in price from as low as two thousand two hundred American dollars to as much as seven thousand American dollars. Now the price in Euros is noted as being from one thousand nine hundred eighty Euros to as much as six thousand three hundred Euros. Note that for five thousand grafts for a hair transplant will be about six thousand American dollars or five thousand four hundred Euros. A hair transplant that involves three thousand grafts will cost around five thousand American dollars, which is around four thousand five hundred Euros.

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For the best experience, we recommend Clinicana, Natural Clinic and Turkeyana Beauty Clinic. They offer high-quality and reliable services as well as international patient packages. Here is more about our top recommended plastic surgery clinics:


Clinicana is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. With excellent reviews and high google ratings, Clinicana is one of our top recommended clinics for many reasons. They have over 940 google reviews and an average of 4.7 stars. Their state-of-the-art technology, highly trained doctors, and pristine clinics are just some of the numerous qualities that make it a top of the line clinic.  


Turkeyana Beauty Clinic

As the top beauty clinic in Turkey, Turkeyana offers a wide range of aesthetic operations, including hair transplants, liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and more. They offer free consultations, transportation, accommodation, and travel planning help. With over a thousand patient reviews and testimonials, Turkeyana is a top-recommended clinic in Istanbul and perhaps all of Turkey. Click here to learn more about Turkeyana Beauty Clinic.

Natural Clinic    

Natural Clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Natural clinic is known as the one-stop shop for all your cosmetics needs. They provide hair transplants, facial procedures, body procedures, dentistry, and much more. Natural Clinic has over 900 reviews on Google and is a great choice for any international patient looking for affordable, high-quality aesthetic care. Click here to learn more about Natural Clinic.


My experience at the hair transplant clinic in Turkey was truly amazing. I arrived from London, England and was pleased that someone from the clinic came to meet me at the airport and helped me to get to my hotel. The whole process was efficient. The clinic provided me with a certified surgeon. I was treated well as a patient and my hair transplant went extremely well. The hair grew thicker than it had been before I had the transplant. I am glad to see that my bald spots are now gone.

-M. Anderson

As a woman who had some baldness near the front of my scalp, this was unpleasant. This is due to the fact that I work in a sales position on a daily basis. Therefore, I need to look my best. My friend suggested that I should fly to Turkey to get a hair transplant. I arrived from California, USA. I was immediately greeted in a friendly manner. The process of the hair transplant was successful and executed proficiently. I was told that I would need a second treatment to get maximum results. I will fly back in about three months for the second treatment. I am so thankful that I look so much better with hair that is real instead of so many bald spots previously.

-K. Wells

Being only in my early thirties here in Portugal, I was tired of losing so much hair. I found a reputable transplant clinic in Turkey and am so pleased with the results of the hair transplant. The surgeon was informative and very skilled. My hair now is thick, shiny and manageable. This endeavor was a terrific investment in looking my best.

-R. Santiago

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