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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Welcome to Perla Dental Clinic!

Are you concerned about your dental and oral health? If you seek the best dentist in Antalya, then you've come to the right place. They are a dental clinic and have two branches: the Lara branch and the Fener branch. You can find them located at Lara Street and in Antalya. They pride themselves on providing dental treatment to satisfied patients since 1996. Turkey is a beautiful country to visit, and some people even travel to get medical and dental procedures done. Yes! That's how good they are.

What They Do

Their mission is to help you achieve the perfect smile, so you never have to hide your teeth again. They are equipped with the best modern technology and only hire the most professional doctors and staff.

They know that patients seek the best care, and they're here to provide. Here at Perla Antalya Dental Clinic, they work under disinfection and sterilization regulations, especially during the pandemic. Your oral health is vital, but so is your general health.

Why Choose Perla Antalya Dental Clinic?

They also offer preliminary information about procedures before you come to the examination. If you plan on traveling from another country, this is a great way to get informed beforehand. They treat everyone, from children to adults. Their clinics count with 15 dental experts and 32 total staff, 22 treatment rooms, sterilization rooms, and play areas for children. They want to make sure that you encounter a warm, welcoming environment.

Perla Dental Services

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery- it treats diseases and serious conditions that affect the mouth, face, neck, and jaws.

Tooth stone cleaning- it's cleaning the accumulated teeth stones due to tea, coffee, or cigarettes. The procedure involves hand tools and ultrasonic tools.

General Care- this is what we all know as regular and preventative dental care. It consists of checkups, cleaning, etc.

Implants- Dental implants are metal structures that replace the root portion of a missing tooth.

Root canal treatment- it's a dental procedure that treats infections at the center of teeth, helping save the tooth instead of removing it.

Orthodontics- consists of using dental devices like retainers or braces to change the teeth' position.

Periodontology- Periodontists prevent, diagnose, and treat periodontal disease. This condition is an inflammatory disease that affects the gums and bones of the teeth.

3D jaw and dental tomography- they obtain images of your oral cavity thanks to X-rays. It helps plan implants in patients, determine the location of teeth and nerves before surgery, and much more.

Tourism Packages

As mentioned above, some people travel all the way to other countries (like Turkey) for medical purposes. The reasons may vary:

  • Lack of advanced technology in healthcare and procedures in their country
  • They want to take a vacation and get a dental or general check-up
  • Healthcare is too expensive in their country
  • They seek a better quality service
  • They want to leverage the opportunity to travel around the world and meet new places

There are so many reasons you might end up in this dental clinic as a tourist. In fact, Turkey is one of the pioneers in what is known as health tourism. An increasing number of patients visit the country to get medical procedures.
Well, good news! Perla Antalya Dental Clinic offers a tourism package. Patients must pay for the implants and prosthesis, but the service might be up to a quarter of the price in their native country.

Reviews & Ratings

"My treatment has come to an end and I really want to share my wonderful impressions about the clinic and the doctors and staff who work here. I am very grateful to the clinic Perla, doctor Onur, doctor Telman, Jelena who helps with the Russian translation, Jelena supported me throughout the treatment I am very grateful to her. The staff of the Perla clinic also speaks many Russian-speaking languages, which makes communication very easy, and the doctors working here are real specialists in their field. "

- Jurate

"I got a full set of zirconium crowns from Perla dental and they were amazing from start to end. I met orhan our dental concierge 2 years ago on holiday from my hotel and he organised everything for me and my friends. We’ve all been extremely pleased with our teeth and the aftercare service provided. I have since been back and brought my partner with me to get his teeth done. Orhan is always there to help translate or book anything for us. I truly recommend them."


These are just some testimonials from the clients of Perla Dental Clinic. Clients love Perla because they are experienced, kind, and have excellent customer service.  Perla has over 424 reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.9. You can rest assured they're one of the best Antalya dental clinics.

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Perla is an amazing dental clinic, and you should feel free to do whatever research and homework you feel is necessary to verify this. If you are interested in learning more about Perla Dental Clinic's services, pricing, and dental tourism packages fill out the form below!

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