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by Jeroen
Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:23 pm
Forum: Turkish Tea House!
Topic: festival dates
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festival dates

Datca: Environment & Tourism Festival 12/04/2009 - 19/04/2009 Place: Datca A festival organised by the Environment and Tourism Association. The Datca Painting Festival 25/04/2009 - 30/04/2009 Place: Datca A festival for children of all schools in Datca to present their best drawings. Marmaris Annual...
by Jeroen
Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:21 pm
Forum: Turkish Tea House!
Topic: Safety in Turkey :Rolleyes:
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Re: Safety in Turkey :Rolleyes:

I also think that the US is more dangerous then Turkey.
I come there for years and never had a bad experience!

When you visit Turkey, don't forget to go to Datca
A wonderful area with very nice people and 100% safe

Rgds Jeroen
by Jeroen
Fri Dec 12, 2008 3:16 pm
Forum: Turkish Tea House!
Topic: collecting coins
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Re: collecting coins

never saw anything like this.
Maybe in Istanbul, I think it certainly will not be available in other cities

But maybe I'm wrong,

by Jeroen
Wed Nov 26, 2008 1:06 pm
Forum: Travel with Children
Topic: Where to go with small children?
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Re: Where to go with small children?

We went with our daughter to Lara Barut beach resort when she was 3 months old
This excellent resort is in Antalya Lara and I really loved this week of relaxing

It was a very good choice and I can highly recommend this hotel
Rgds Jeroen
by Jeroen
Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:40 pm
Forum: Turkish Food & Drink
Topic: Ankara Lamb Stew (Tava)
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Re: Ankara Lamb Stew (Tava)

do you know the name of the restaurant?
I will be in ankara soon and maybe I wanna try it out too

by Jeroen
Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:38 pm
Forum: Turkish Tea House!
Topic: Hotel guest's visitors
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Re: Hotel guest's visitors

I think each hotel has different rules
But I never had problems with visitors in the hotel room

by Jeroen
Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:08 pm
Forum: Turkish Tea House!
Topic: Most beautiful beach
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Re: Most beautiful beach

Try Datca, the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in Turkey

by Jeroen
Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:28 pm
Forum: The Grand Bazaar
Topic: Istanbul Bazar
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Istanbul Bazar

I want to buy items from dervis, located in the istanbul bazar.
I want to use it for my webshop;

Does anybody know who can help me with importing these to the netherlands?
I get no reaction of Dervis themselves

by Jeroen
Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:06 pm
Forum: Doing Business in Turkey
Topic: needed pestamals, luxe towels
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needed pestamals, luxe towels

I need a company in turkye that could deliver met pestamals and luxe towels, and other hamamproducts
Anyone know a company which is able to deliver to the netherlands?

by Jeroen
Fri Oct 10, 2008 12:35 pm
Forum: Turkish Tea House!
Topic: VillaOlivio in the news
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Re: VillaOlivio in the news

Indeed costs has been increased the last year. We needed lots of wood for the restoration and the price for this has gone up with 50%! But the price for the property itself is still reasonable in Datca. When I compare Datca with Yalikavak(near bodrum) you can nearly split the appartment prices. rgds...