Booking a hotel directly vs. booking through an agency

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Booking a hotel directly vs. booking through an agency

Post by Jay » Wed May 21, 2008 10:11 am

For the hotels that I've considered, I have not found a significant difference in the rates offered at the hotel's website and the rates quoted by Venere or some other booking services. Besides, I've also got an impression that those customers who book through an agency are not offered some complimentary services such as airport pick/drop and some reviewers who had a booking through an agency have even mentioned that were treated as "second class citizens" :( by hotel staff.

I just wanted to know any advantage(s) of booking through Venere or a similar service.

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Re: Booking a hotel directly vs. booking through an agency

Post by steve » Wed May 21, 2008 5:41 pm

Generally these is little advantage to booking through an agency. I personally always go direct. Once went through Expedia and the hotel wasn't that great. The best boutique hotels in Istanbul don't need agency help to sell their rooms!

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Re: Booking a hotel directly vs. booking through an agency

Post by rutha » Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:02 pm

Its years I'm not using agencies!! I always book online!! Along the years I learned quite well how to search by myself for what I need. I've learned who to work with. Obviously I prefer to book through reliable known web sites like: or I've used those dozens of times and they've never failed me. The other ones which were found as unreliable I simply left behind but that is something that happens with agencies as well, right? In my opinion the advantages of online bookings are: 1) competitive prices, 2)no commission for the agent, 3)no going and coming back to the agency, 4)everything is made at home independently on one's own time and space, and most important- 5) you are your own travel agent, no one is planning your trip for you, you are not passive anymore, you are completely involved, alert and aware of all the small details. I think it makes one's journey much more vivid and exciting. Yes- I vote for the online booking. Running to the agency every time I want to book a flight or a room is just like going to the post office instead of sending a mail, faxing or calling. It belongs to the past, but fortunately things are progressing.

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