Airport Inn Hotel - Yesilkoy hotel ( Yeşilkoy )

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Airport Inn Hotel - Yesilkoy hotel ( Yeşilkoy )

Post by carrie » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:09 am

Airport Inn Hotel review- located in the Yeşilköy Marina.

My family and I stayed at this hotel in Jan 2009 after booking it based on the recommendations of Tom here on the Turkey Travel Planner web site for hotels located near to the airport. ... index.html

We needed a place that was near to the airport ( without spending a fortune ) for our early morning flight to the US the next day..My husband also stayed at this hotel last year and found it to be a convenient place in a quiet location.

It is a small and cosy family hotel located minutes ( 4 km ) from the Ataturk airport in Yesilköy. We stayed in 2 side by side rooms. One for us and the other for our 2 teenage children.

We had arranged that they would pick us up at the airport from our flight from Antalya to Istanbul. They were promt and on time for the transfer and quickly wisked us away to the hotel.

We got settled in the rooms and then headed out into the marina fo a lovely walk along the waterfront. There are lovely sunsets to be seen from the marina as well as the hotel’s small terrace.

The rooms were comfortable and clean with amenties such as central heating, TV, hair dryers and a small mini-bar to put our own water in. The bathrooms were clean with shower stalls. Some of the rooms have nice sea views of the marina and harbor.

The thing that made the biggest impression upon me was the friendly helpful staff and owners. That is the beauty of small hotels in Turkey , the helpfulliness and kindness of all the staff and you are treated like a member of the family.

The lobby and restaurant area are tastefully decorated however we did not eat the the hotel. For the evening we ventured out to the nearby Galleria shopping mall shopping center by taxi.
We did not eat breakfast here as our flight was a bit to early in the morning..however I did enjoy a cup of coffer in the evening using the Free wi-fi in the lobby.

I would stay here at this hotel again in the future and recommend it for anyone that has an early flight from the Ataturk International airport. ... index.html

Yeşilköy Marina, Rıhtım Cad. No.21

Istanbul /TURKEY

Phone:(0212) 663 78 59 Phone:(0212) 663 78 60 Phone:(0212) 663 78 61
Fax:(0212) 663 78 62
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Re: Airport Inn Hotel - Yesilkoy hotel ( Yeşilkoy )

Post by DarrellBray » Mon Sep 14, 2009 5:36 am

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Thanks for the review! I'm hoping to take a trip to the area soon, and stuff like this really makes picking out a hotel that much easier.

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Re: Airport Inn Hotel - Yesilkoy hotel ( Yeşilkoy )

Post by kabuki » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:02 pm

I was looking for a hotel near the Ataturk International Airport. I searched for reviews on this site, and I'm glad I found this one. You mentioned it's clean, with good service. Those are the two most important things to me. Where else did you stay while you were in Turkey? Did you have any problems with your flight or finding good restaurants? Are there hospitals nearby, in case of an emergency? I don't mean to sound paranoid about that, I just had a bad experience once. It was a situation that made me realize that maybe holiday insurance wasn't such a bad idea after all. I'm glad you had a great trip and I hope I do the same!

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Re: Airport Inn Hotel - Yesilkoy hotel ( Yeşilkoy )

Post by Ekendall7 » Sat May 10, 2014 12:23 am

Dear People, especially Mr. Brosnahan, whose wonderfully convenient site this is,
Does anyone have an update on this Airport Inn Hotel in Yesilkoy, and/or advice?
We fly into Istanbul Ataturk from Helsinki at 21:50 on May 21st.
We fly the next day, May 22, to Tbilisi, at 13:10.
My question: do we stay at the Airport Inn Hotel for that night? Would it be chapter and easier than going into Istanbul, for only a morning? (I wish we could afford the Ciran Hotel in Yesilkoy, where I stayed once in the same situation.)
Or do I find a hotel in Sultanhamet for the night, that could pick us up at the airport and take us into we could have a quick morning already in the city, before returning to the airport?
(Note: We return to Istanbul from Tbilisi on May 26, for 3 nights, and for those nights we do have a reservation in Sultanhamet.)
Sincerely, Elizabeth

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