Favorite Non-Sultanahmet Hotel?

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Favorite Non-Sultanahmet Hotel?

Post by catinmi » Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:23 pm

hello all -
my husband and i and our two girls (7 and 3) will be traveling in turkey for three weeks in august/september and have made most of our travel plans, but i still have two nights' accommodation to book in istanbul and am looking for a little help. this site and all of the amazing information on it have been invaluable in helping us to make our travel plans thus far, so i thought i might check here first . . . we're arriving in the afternoon on a tuesday, will spend wednesday exploring the area near whatever hotel we're staying in, and will fly to the cappadocia region on thursday mid-day. because we'll be back in istanbul two weeks later and will be staying in sultanahmet for a week, i'd like to stay somewhere else for this short time at the beginning of our trip. i've been over all of our options and just can't settle on an area/hotel. do any of you have a favorite hotel/area that you'd recommend for a short visit like this that would allow us to see a different part of istanbul? i am grateful for any and all ideas you might share!
thanks so much --
cathy in mi

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Re: Favorite Non-Sultanahmet Hotel?

Post by sweethelen » Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:10 pm


As a rule, tourists that visit Istanbul like to stay in two eareas of the city: either in Sultanahmet where all the historical sights of the city are located; or in Taksim, which is a very popular district too, cause that's where Istikleal Street is located (which is very famous asmong tourists) and where the night like is in full swing. Also, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs in Taksim.

This is why I suggest that you stay in not in Sultanhamet then in Taksim for sure!

I recommend you such good hotels in Taksim as:
Lamartine Hotel, Grand Oztanik Hotel, Golden Age Deluxe Hotel

If you are interested in more inexpensive hotels I can recommend you these ones:
Santa Pera Hotel, Inka Hotel

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Re: Favorite Non-Sultanahmet Hotel?

Post by fethiyeliaswas » Tue Feb 09, 2010 5:45 pm

The Princes' Islands would have been perfect. These apartments look beautiful and they're not too expensive either... I spent a day on Heybeliada in the Autumn and found the whole experience - no Summer crowds, water-front brunch, riding a bike around the island - just idyllic.
http://www.istanbulislands.com/index.ph ... modation1/

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