Daphnis Hotel - Istanbul

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Daphnis Hotel - Istanbul

Post by snarfles » Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:25 am

Just thought I'd provide a review of our stay at Daphnis Hotel in Istanbul. We stayed a total of 6 nights here.

The Good;
The beds were comfortable and the room was well air conditioned.
It was the first hotel in my 2 weeks of travel around greece and turkey that provided a mini bar (if you like using that...).
The staff were quite pleasant and helpful when asked any questions.
The rooms were very clean and serviced daily.
The provide a free shuttle service from the airport and can arrange another for a fee back to the airport.
There is an onsite restaurant... it is good food, with good taste and good quality but be prepared to pay for it. Be aware 10% service is automatically added along with 5 lira for the bread. Breakfast each day is included which was always delicious.
Rooms are nice, with old style furniture that gives a good atmosphere.

The Bad;
The bathroom consists of a toilet which has had a shower installed within it. This isn't overly a problem except that every single time we used the toilet shower it completely flooded the area outside the door (2m X 1m area) which was also the entrance to the room. The doorway was also rotting as a result.
Wooden floors above and below meant that every single morning we were awoken early by other guests in the room above stomping around.
Air conditioners were turned off by cleaning staff each day so you get back to a hot room every afternoon.
Located on a main road. It was quite noisy which wasn't always a problem but you should be aware of this.
Lights at the front of the hotel stay on alllll night which leaves the room in a moderate light the entire time. If you stay here you will need a sleeping eye patch.

Overall it was a good stay and is a good location if doing anything at the nearby Kadir Has university.

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