Recommendations, tips, reports and warnings about hotels in Antalya, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

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Olympos situated two hours South West of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, was once a powerful city holding an out numbered three seats in the17th Century six seat Federation. Cradled in the rugged peninsula of the Lycian mountains, the successful port town was an attractive haven for piracy which ultimately brought about the city’s downfall.

Olympos today however, is a hub of water activity and the destination for those seeking tranquility in aesthetically pleasing surroundings.
Whether it’s salt water swimming in the translucent glittering sea or a splash in the fresh water stream that flows from the mountains through the lycian ruins to the Mediterranean sea, that takes your fancy, this water culture dominates the past time of most visitors.

The walk to the beach is lined with ancient ruins and you will even find the sarcophagus of Captain Eudomos. The area is rich in flora and fauna you’ll find pomegranates, wild figs and grape vines, oranges, bay trees and flowering oleanders as you meander along the all but dry river bed in the summer months. In Spring and summertime you may even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the stunning loggerhead turtles nesting on the beach, which is one of few breeding grounds. These eggs incubate for 31 to 65 days and usually hatch in August each year.

Chımeara :
Wonder of the ancient world, these dancing flames arising from the hillside are said to come from the breathing monster from which the area takes its name. According to legend, Chimeara was struck with molten lead and trapped beneath the mountain, by the Greek warrior Bellerophon, ridıng Pegasus the mythical flying horse. Turkman’s run an evening service to the base of Chimeara, and a half hour walk on a well defined path will place you on the mount where he still breaths hıs fury. This unexplainable natural wonder is well worth a visit.

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I have made this posting below as well in "Hotels in other places", cause i have not seen that here is a topic already, sorry. I hope a double posting is allowed in this case of important traveler information.

Olympos became a very popular spot in the past years, and recently pensions popping up overnight there like mushrooms.

TURKMEN TREE HOUSES is an old (1984?) and established place to stay, providing different options to accommodate travelers.

To protect the invironment of Olympos for the future, only TURKMEN TREE HOUSES has installed a wastewater (sewage) purification plant in MARCH 2006.

The plant has been built by a manufacturer from Germany.

TURKMEN TREE HOUSES is the ONLY PLACE in Olympos who has such a wastewater purification plant. All the others don't.

If you are traveling to Olympos, its up to yourself, to help protecting the environment, by staying in a place who has the facilities to clearify YOUR matters.

For further info, you may visit http://www.olymposturkmentreehouses.com

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