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Ozmen Pension

Post by JulieInSydney » Mon May 01, 2006 10:59 am

I have just returned from Turkey - went for the eclipse. Back In January we booked a room at Ozmen Pension in Antlaya - this booking was confirmed via email on a number of occassions, reconfirmed by phone before leaving Sydney, then also reconfirmed from Istanbul by phone the day prior to arriving in Anatalya. When we arrived we were told they had no room for us but his friend has a room (of lower standard mind you) for the same price. We were lucky we were able to find alternative arrangements. (Secret Hotel I can highly recommend). As we found out a little later the same thing had happened to another couple from America. Just disappointing when you go to so much trouble to confirm.

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Post by carrie » Mon May 01, 2006 1:49 pm

Yes Julie you are right. I get so mad :x when I hear this type of buisness practices going on in other hotels or pansiyons. Guests go to all the trouble and then to find out that they don't have a reservation or it has been cancelled. Not very proffessional and bad customer service. Over booking the hotels are very common in big hotels but I would think that these small businesses would be different. There is also a post similar like about Sabah Pansiyon in Antalya as well. As a hotel owner myself I am disgusted when read things like this. This forum is good for exposing the real truths. Thank you Tom for this forum and a place to vent our feelings!!
Carrie 8)

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