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Recommendations, tips, reports and warnings about hotels in Antalya, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

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Post by margaretp » Wed Jan 24, 2007 1:58 pm

Hi Barbara,
I would certainly try to fit in the following: Xanthos, Patara, quick stop in Kalcan, Myra and Kekova. After that just follow Carrie's advice. There are several other Lycian sites along the road between Fethiye and Kas ( Tlos, Letoon, Pinara) but probably better not to try and fit in too much. I have also tried to bear in mind that you will be there in March, therefore weather could be a factor, inland Saklikent gorge is wonderful, but not sure if it is open in March. Near Fethiye is a village called Uzumlu and just outside that a wonderful ruin - Cadyanda, but it is up a mountain track, and when we were last there (april06) the drive was a bit hair raising. Not knowing if you are staying at Kayakoy, when you say Fethiye, if you're not then this village is worth a visit. In March, the lagoon and beach at Olu Deniz is lovely, quite deserted, locals, who will not go near the place in season, tend to have picnics when the weather is good enough.

If you are going to overnight at Pamukkale look up the thread for Hotel Venus and make your own mind up, but we enjoyed.

Hope that you find this useful, let me know if you want more information, I will try to help.[/u]

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Post by carrie » Thu Jan 25, 2007 7:51 am

Hi Barbara it's me again,

Yes Margaret have offered some great ideas about Xantos and Patara and you can certainly visit those areas along your way from Fehtiye to Kas.
Kalkan is about 35 minutes from Kas. Have a look at Tom's page regarding Kalkan. ... index.html

For instance the importance of Xanthos is that it is one of the six principal cities of Lycia and the capital city of Lycia for much of its history and is also included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site combined with Letoon.

Kalkan is about 35 minutes from Kas. Have a look at tom's page regarding Kalkan. ... index.html

and Patara is 20 minutes before Kalkan and after Fethiye.

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