Best hotel for a late arrival, possibly with a car

Recommendations, tips, reports and warnings about hotels in Antalya, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast.

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Best hotel for a late arrival, possibly with a car

Post by sghughes42 » Thu Apr 19, 2012 11:28 pm

I'm going to Turkey in July to meet up with some friends. They are already in Turkey for a conference and are arriving in Antalya on Sunday 15th. There aren't any flights from Manchester arriving on Sunday, only Friday or Saturday. I was considering getting there early and having a day to myself.

The flight on Friday arrives at 22:00. I'm not sure how long the process of getting a visa takes but I suspect I won't be out of the airport much before midnight?

Are there any cheap hotels near the airport or easily accessible?

I have a plan... We are going to hire a car for the time we are there anyway as we are planning to visit Pamukkale and the area around Side. My thought is that as I will be the driver I will get it a day early and drive up to Egirdir for a day. That sounds like a nice area and we won't have time to do it as a group.

I don't know if it will be best to get the car on the Friday evening or just leave it until Saturday morning. It depends on the hotel location I guess and what times the rental desks stay open. It may be easier to get it on Saturday during daylight unless there is an easy drive to a hotel on Friday. I have driven on the wrong side of the road before (and on some fairly rough roads with manic drivers in the wilds of Spain) so I know a bit of what to expect, but it always takes a few minutes to get used to it and the car.

As I'll only be crashing at the hotel for the night I don't need anything fancy, just a bed. I've already got an idea for a hotel in Egirdir for the Saturday night then drive back early Sunday to collect my friends.

I know this isn't quite the right part of the forum to post this on, but how easy is it to eat Vegetarian in Turkey? We will be in Antalya for a few days and Istanbul for four days. I'd prefer to eat local rather than sticking to western restaurants. I'm not worried about by-products but I do want to be meat and fish free.

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