Turkish domestic airfares....Advice for travellers from UK

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Turkish domestic airfares....Advice for travellers from UK

Post by Gary H » Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:01 pm

I'll be travelling to Turkey for the first time in August..can't wait! . I booked a LHR/IST flight with BA, very straightforward. I plan on seeing Istanbul before flying onto Bodrum. The fun began when I began 'shopping' online for an internal domestic flight. As a general rule, I tend to book direct with the airlines, but this time decided to look around at some of the travel search sites... .com this and .com that.! My annual treat to myself is to travel club class when on holiday, and this is what I entered into the relevant search boxes. The results I got back floored me.!!
Remember I'm looking for a business class return IST/Bodrum. Skyscanners, Flight Centre and Travel supermarket all came back with fares FROM £428. !! Initially I thought the websites might have accidentally loaded the prices in Turkish Lira, but NO.! For a 1 hour and 10 minute flight I thought this was obscene. I contacted the relevant sites and was told that the prices advertised are what they themselves are advised by the airlines.?? Really.?
In the end I booked exactly the same flights online with atlasjet.com. My ticket is amendable / refundable, includes all taxes and also includes a complimentary shuttle bus to Bodrum, which is exclusive to Atlasjet ticket holders. The price.? 376 T.Lira, which according to my credit card statement equates to £98.!!!
Similar time flights booked direct with Turkish Airlines were 520-650 T Lira.
So if you plan on booking domestic Turkish flights before departing the UK, please give the flight comparison sites a miss, and book direct online with either Atlasjet, Turkish Airlines or Pegasus.
The flight by the way is from Istanbul/Ataturk.

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