Antalya to Tbilisi Through Trabzone

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Antalya to Tbilisi Through Trabzone

Post by ramzisleiman » Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:27 am

I will be arriving to Antalya on the 20th. I have booked a flight back from Tbilisi on Oct 4th So I will be doing a road trip throughout eastern turkey.
I think the trip will be as follows: Please comment as you please

20 September:

Beirut - Antalya

Arrive In Antalya 4 pm. Spend the night.

21 september: Day in Antalya, Sleep

22 September Check out Antalya, Rent a car

Drive to Kas early morning, spend day and sleep

23 September Check out early morning, Drive to Konya
Drive to Egridir for Lunch, Sleep in Konya

24 september: Early move from Konya

Arrive to Goreme then to cappadocia ( Very close right?) Where to sleep?

25 September (Day in cappadocia and ballooning) Move afternoon

25 september drive to Trabzone (Late lunch somehwere on the road any suggestions or things to see on this road?) Arrive late at night

Sleep at trabzone

26 September stay trabzone for the day and sleep there.

27 September move to Ayder (Pass through Rize, worth a night?)

Sleep at Ayder

28 September (Move to Batumi Georgia) I was told i need to go back to Trabzone to return the car since no car rental offices in smaller cities is that true?
A bus from Trabzone to Batumi is easy to find? What are the costs?

28 night at butumi. Sleep butami 2nights

30 early train to Tbilisi.

sleep Tbilisi till 2nd of october, back to Beirut.

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