Istanbul to Bozcaada

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Istanbul to Bozcaada

Post by chasco5 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 3:44 am

Hi everyone. My wife and I want to drive a rental car from Istanbul to Bozcaada, with stops on way there or return at Canakkale and Bursa. If I look at google maps, it looks like about 4 hours, Istanbul to Bursa; 5 hours, Bursa to Canakkale; and 1 hour Canakkale to Bozcaada. Are those figures accurate? (3rd week September 2014).

We'll be renting a car. I have been told you can't take a rental car on a ferry, but it seems that a trip to Bozcaada or across the Dardanelles should not be too risky. I would think the rental company might charge a surcharge or something. Any thoughts on this?

If we can't take the car over to Bozcaada, is there safe parking by the ferry launch?

Finally, because I don't know how onerous travel will be, I'm hesitant to get hotel reservations. Are they necessary 3rd week September? It seems like there are lots of hotel options in Bursa, Canakkale, and Bozcaada.

All answers appreciated.

Chaz from Michigan.

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