women planning a trip soon?!

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women planning a trip soon?!

Post by emmerkins » Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:24 pm

An independent production company, Zig Zag is making a series for a major British broadcaster about British women looking for love and romance abroad. The series will cover several countries and look at every stage of the dating game from the first night to marriage – we will follow singles open to meeting a man, couples as they tie the knot and people who have moved their whole lives to another country.

It will be about fun, love, relationships and a cross of cultures – we will be looking at what British women want from their men and where they go to find it.

I am posting here as I am hoping to find women heading to Turkey in April/ May. We would be interested in speaking to anyone that might like to be involved in the documentary with no commitment at this stage. Filming would be flexible and just take up a few days of their holiday.

This one hour programme will be aired in June and feature a variety of stories and experiences

If anyone agreed to have bits of their holiday filmed, we would work out carefully when it would suit them for us to film a few days here and there over their trip – they would get plenty of time to enjoy their holiday undisturbed!

We would want to film a bit that introduced us to the ladies where they could explain a bit about themselves and their trip to turkey, then we would probably want to film something like them getting ready to go out and then see them out and about in Turkey. As the programme is about love and romance in turkey, if they were to meet anyone we would obviously be interested in capturing the blossoming of a relationship if that happened.

What we are looking for are women that would be open about meeting a man if they did and who would enjoy capturing a bit of their holiday and experiences on camera as part of the programme. It is an observational programme and nothing will be set up.

If anyone is interested in hearing more please get in touch asap.

Emma Sheridan

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