Rain in December?

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Rain in December?

Post by briscoms » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:08 am


I am taking a holiday in mid-December and am trying to decide whether Turkey is the place for me to go. I know winter is last on the list as far as desirable seasons to travel there go, but I don't have a choice as to the timing of my holiday this year. I am not so concerned about the cold, as I live in the arctic, so will be coming from very cold weather, and I don't like hot weather too much, but I am more concerned about the rain - when one says the weather is rainy, does that mean most days? and also, does it mean sprinkling or a torrential downpour? I was going to spend several days in Istanbul and then travel a bit from there, maybe drop in to Greece for a few days too.

So basically my question is, if I need to travel in December, is it worth going to Turkey, or will the weather likely be such that I am better off choosing another destination?

Thanks, I really appreciate any opinions anyone may have.


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Re: Rain in December?

Post by David Morgan » Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:13 pm

Average Weather in Istanbul for December:

Sunlight: 3 hours a day
Coldest daily temperature: 5 Celsius
Warmest daily temperature: 12 Celsius
Rain: 118mm a day
Wet days for December: 18 days

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Re: Rain in December?

Post by carrie » Fri Nov 14, 2008 2:11 pm

It really depends on where you plan to go...Turkey is a vast country with a variety of temps..ranging from snow, rain to sun...I would say yes especially to visit the historical sights...also if you are looking around the coastal areas..here is far more milder than the inner central areas of Turkey..

From Antalya to Izmir....or Antalya to Adana...you might have wonderful sunny days but there is always a chance of rain...the warmest area in Turkey during Sept will be from ranging from Adana - Antalya to Fethiye..along the Med.coast..the Aegean coast is a bit cooler than the Med...

the advantage to off season months is less crowded..but the disadvantage is the weather ..as long as you have an idea where you plan to go..and do soem research of the areas and temps ( for clothing ) etc..you will have a great time..
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Re: Rain in December?

Post by suppiluliuma » Fri Nov 14, 2008 9:37 pm

If you stay in Istanbul, why worry about the climate?
I mean this city lives 4 seasons, and busy all times.
Museums, palaces, busy streets, huge malls, restaurants, bars, clubs, Marmara and Bosphorus are all there. Moreover, it's a good time for fresh fish...and with fish...king of the spirits: rakı. Take your chance to try.
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