Turkey from 16th June to 26th June

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Turkey from 16th June to 26th June

Post by jasx » Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:03 pm


I am thinking of going to Turkey and signing up with Backpackers Travel. One of the places that I would be visiting will be Cappodocia. However, I heard that from mid June to late June, temperature is going to soar up to 40 degrees in that place.
is that true?

Also, I am looking for fellow female travel companions... anyone who is able to advise me on the above or keen to travel with me during the same period as well please contact me at sian_nua@yahoo.com.sg


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Re: Turkey from 16th June to 26th June

Post by Bill_Miyorum » Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:09 pm


40 degrees sounds a bit wide of the mark. The average daytime temperature in June is 26 degrees, according to my guidebook to Cappadocia, which was written by two Germans who have been going there for a couple of decades. According to the same source, the temperature can reach 40 degrees in July and August, although 30 degrees is the average during the day in both of those months.

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Re: Turkey from 16th June to 26th June

Post by Tosun Saral » Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:56 pm

Thanks Heaven we havent reached 40 degrees in Turkey. If the pollution of the industrialized countries goes on it will be more warmer all over the world. The average is 22 degrees in the summer months. It can reach 30 for a few days during August at noon.
My pix in the following page will give you a clear knowledge about Cappa in October.
I advice to visit the region called "Cappodocia" not on mid Summer. The land is called in Turkish "Peribacalari "
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Re: Turkey from 16th June to 26th June

Post by Tavsan » Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:28 pm

June can be pretty hot in Turkey in the southern region. 40 C is over 100 F which I would say would be pushing is highly unlikely in most places in Turkey most of the time. Tosun is correct it could very well heat up if current practices don't change but for now I think you will find Turkey comfortable enough.

The only time I really worried about the heat was when we were in Antalya several years ago and it wasn't that hot at all but we were pretty active and out in the sun so we took precautions in terms of overdoing it and having a good supply of cool water around. It can get pretty hot if you are not accustomed to warm weather. We always abide by the practice that if it gets too warm we look for something to do indoors until it cools off a bit. Backpackers are rarely dull people so my guess is you can find a means of entertaining yourself out of the sun for a few hours if indeed you find it too hot.

If you are a seasoned backpacker then you know the significance of staying hydrated even more so than your average person walking around. Granted you won't have a pack on at all times but still. Keep plenty of water around and wear sunscreen and you should be fine. :) As for when most ideal time is to visit Turkey, we like mid-May before temps creep up and tourists start to arrive in higher numbers. May can actually have some cool days and nights that are wonderful. Otherwise summer is summer in Turkey tourists and all.

Have fun and enjoy Turkey. Please feel free to ask a lot of questions here. I have found TTP to be quite helpful over the years.


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Re: Turkey from 16th June to 26th June

Post by patton_uk » Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:25 pm

Count me in. I wanted to Backpack this June to visit Turkey too! I would want to travel from Singapore! Could anyone of you help me with the finer details! I did apply for a Tourist visa and seems it would be another 7 days worth the wait to get a visa. Possibly let me know the amount of $$ that once is expected to carry for a 10days visit to Turkey and the places of Interest too! I heard good things about the country too!

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