Counterclockwise or Clockwise and Ramazan

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Counterclockwise or Clockwise and Ramazan

Post by newbie1978 » Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:24 pm

I am planning to go to Turkey (first time - very excited!!!) for 6 weeks from the middle of September to the end of October. Also, can I say this is the best single country travel site I have ever come across. Bravo Tom! I hope the advice will be as good as the articles :D

My general travel plans are to do a circular trip to Cappadocia, Konya, Egirdir, Antalya, Kas, Fethiye, Bodrum (or Pammukale), Selcuk (and Efes and everything around it), Canakkale (Troy and Gallipoli)
then back to Istanbul. I might go to Ankara and Bursa too. Anyway, I am looking forward to the wisdom of the board on several question, but here are two quick ones:

(1) I know the first couple of weeks I'll be in Turkey are Ramazan and the holiday that follows, which of these places would be best to be during that time, since I imagine a lot of places may be closed (and that it might be difficult to get a meal some places during the day) but also that there may be pressure on accomodation and buses during Seker Bayrami.

(2) Would it be a better idea to go to Cappadocia first and then the Mediterranean and then the Aegean Coast or would it be a better idea to go to the Aegean Coast, the Mediterranean Coast, and the Cappadocia
at the end? As well as for the reasons I mentioned in my first question, I'm also interested for purposes of maximizing my chances of getting good weather and maybe getting to swim in the sea? (Can I still do that in mid October :-)?

Any other comments are very welcome :-)

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Re: Counterclockwise or Clockwise and Ramazan

Post by ptemiz » Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:41 am

I really don't think it matters which way round you do the trip. These days Ramazan doesn't affect things half as much as in the past. You may find restaurants closed in Konya during the day - Konya is a very conservative city - but apart from that all the other places on your itinerary rely on tourist income and will certainly be open even in Ramazan. You can swim in the sea here comfortably right through October so that shouldn't be a problem. Wherever you are in the country during Ramazan and Seker Bayram you will be overwhelmed with hospitality: in Ramazan during the evenings and at the Bayram all day. There may be pressure on bus/airline tickets in the couple of days before Bayram starts and after it ends. So if you are planning to travel on long distance buses or planes at either of those times book in advance. But I am of the 'go with the flow' school of thought and, if you can;t get a long-distance bus ticket you can always catch a minibus to somewhere nearer. Be flexible. Turkey is an amazing country. All the research you do in advance will not really prpepare you for the reality so be prepared to vary your schedule and enjoy this wonderful country and its people to the full.

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Re: Counterclockwise or Clockwise and Ramazan

Post by Jeanne » Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:09 pm

And it is very annoying when all restaurants are closed, so I would avoid Konya during Ramadan, the restaurants open for such a short time after sunset, and then it is crowded.
For the rest, it does not really matter, I think I would choose the coast last of my trip, towards October Cappedocia can get cold and on the Mediterranean and Aegean coast it is still summer. Only towards the end of October there is a higher chance for a day with rain and the nights get a bit chilly.
Hope this helps, good luck!

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