Days Sites are Closed in Istanbul

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Days Sites are Closed in Istanbul

Post by Al » Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:08 am

Hi folks. I'm planning a group tour for October 2010 to Turkey and I have to start getting things in order. I like to give people about 12 month notice. I'll have a few questions to post, but this one involves what days things are closed in Istanbul. I don't want to schedule a visit for a day when a site is closed. Here is what I have, please tell me if I've made any mistakes:

Hagia Sophia closed Mondays
Topkapi Palace closed Tuesdays
Basilica Cistern closed Tuesdays
Archaeological Museum closed Mondays
Bazaars closed Sundays (mostly)
Blue and Suleiman Mosque closed only for prayer

Chora Church closed Wednesdays---However, I understand they are closed for renovations at the moment. Anyone know for how long?


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