Turkey in May

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Turkey in May

Post by EricBronte » Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:02 pm

We are planning a holiday in Turkey this May, sort of workout an itinerary for the 3 weeks but would like to have some suggestion on our itinerary.
We are arriving to Istanbul in early May, for 4 nights then we fly down to Bodrum for 7 days on a Gulet Charter. After leaving the boat we would like to see Ephesus 2 days, Pamukkale 2 days and Cappadocia 3 days then return to Istanbul for another 4 nights. We were thinking of renting a car to drive from Bodrum to Cappadocia, is this our best option? or are there better way to do this. Are we spending too long in some of these places. Are there other places that we really should try to get to?

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

We like photography, nature and some cultural history.


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Re: Turkey in May

Post by Tosun Saral » Fri Dec 24, 2010 7:20 pm

Have a nice trip in Turkey.may you come happily and return happily.
Please tell us your route of Gulet? from Bodrum to ..? If it is from Bodrum to Bodrum you must rent a car in Bodrum. Ephesus is not far away from bodrum. You can dirive via Selimiye to Kusadasi (read: Kushadasi) along the lake of Bafa. The lake is very beautiful. Stay at the town of Selcuk (read: Seljuck) which is 23 kms away from Kusadasi but 7 kms to Ephesus. At Ephesus you can visit home of Mother Maria and chuch and grave of saint John. Selcuk is a very historic place you can visit the cave of 7 sleepers. You must visit olso the town of Sirince (Shrinje) to taste differnt Turkish wines. Pamukkale is not far away from Selcuk. Denizli is the capital city of the region called Pamukkale. After Pamukkale you can dirive via Ankara to Nevshehir the capital city of the region cappadocia.
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Re: Turkey in May

Post by SwampeastMike » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:58 am

Bodrum - Ephesus - Pamukkale - Bodrum forms nearly an equidistant triangle and is ideal for touring by car. The roads are good to excellent with very nice scenery and an amazing variety of landscapes for such a compact area. You can make the circuit and see the highlights in two long days (commercial bus tours do this regularly). 3-4 days will allow you time to see some other thing along the way and have more time in Ephesus. A drive through the Bafa Lake area (between Bodrum and Ephesus) should NOT be missed and the ancient city of Aphrodisius (between Pamukkale and Bodrum) is another very nice thing to see and it's an easy half-day tour from and returning to Pamukkale.

Many car rental companies charge a hefty fee if you do not pick up and drop off at the same point.

As you've probably noticed, Cappadocia is rather inconvenient to get to unless you're on a commercial tour and a rental car is quite useful in the area when you are touring privately. It's a long way from Bodrum and the rental car return charge can be substantial. Unless you have nerves of steel and a nearly photographic memory for maps, avoid driving in or near Istanbul!

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