WHat to do in bodrum

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WHat to do in bodrum

Post by michellek » Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:29 pm

Hi all, my husband i are going to bodrum in september for 8 nights.
What are the attractions there to do?


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Re: WHat to do in bodrum

Post by SwampeastMike » Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:37 am

FYI, "Bodrum" (which means "basement" in English) is the name for both a town and the entire peninsula.

Bodrum castle (at the center of the harbor in Bodrum city) houses an excellent underwater archaeologic museum, gives great views and is quite interesting to explore. Excellent artwork is available in both a dedicated gallery near the main entrance and in the courtyard.

While very little remains one of the wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Bodrum city, is located on Turgutreis Caddesi about 1 km or so from the bay.

Some reasonable ruins of Myndos Gate (the ancient gate of the city), fortifications and a cemetery just outside are up the hill from the Mausoleum on Turgutreis Caddesi and to the left just past a modern cemetery.

While not an incredible example there is a Greek-style (meaning integrated into a hillside as opposed to the free-standing Roman-style) theater on the D330 (main highway) that runs through Bodrum.

Bodrum is a well-known party place. Clubs in the city of Bodrum tend to be expensive and more Turkish than others on the peninsula. Gümbet which is adjacent to Bodrum is less expensive, caters mainly to British tastes and is a bit carnival-like and tawdry.

The town of Turgutreis is partly working and partly resort and has perhaps the best bazaar on the peninsula. The shopping district of Bodrum city has an interesting mix of upscale and cheap shops but be aware that in general prices in Bodrum are among the highest in Turkey. Bodrum is well known for sponges but as with many other things, the good ones are quite expensive.

Perhaps the best day trip on the peninsula is to the town of Gümüşluk on the west coast of the peninsula. Lots of local handicrafts in the bazaar. You can walk to Rabbit Island (very famous in Turkey) via a causeway that is now slightly submurged. Excellent, reasonably priced seafood restaurants. What first appears to be another island (it has a huge Turkish flag on top) is in fact connected via a slightly marshy area. Very nice, small and secluded beaches, sunken ruins and some quite good hiking among the ruins of what is supposed to be the oldest city on the peninsula. Also a modest but worthwhile archaeologic museum. Convenient and inexpensive to reach by dolmus (minibus) from anywhere on the peninsula.

The town of Yalikavak on the northwest coast of the peninsula is an excellent place to enjoy a sunset dinner or stroll. Lots of locally-made fabric kitchen/dining/bedroom items in the bazaar. The town also caters to the British but mainly the middle-aged and it is far more quiet and subdued than Gümbet.

While crowded, Camel Beach is likely the largest, sandy public beach on the peninsula.

Cruises are very popular. Commercial day or evening cruises are very reasonable priced if rather crowded. If budget allows there is usually no shortage of boats to charter for a day. Black Island is a particularly good stop.

A day trip to the very close Greek island of Kos is also popular. The line for customs on Kos can be extremely long and slow with a number of companies all claiming to give the "fastest" voyage and "first" arrival. Best to have Euros. Turkish money is not accepted and few businesses accept credit cards. Some quite interesting ruins (free to visit) on the island but like all islands prices tend to be high.

While expensive, Club Catamaran is good for a party night. It departs about midnight from its berth a bit east of Bodrum Castle. During high season there are frequent live performances by famed groups both Turkish and international. The crowd is quite young.

Club Hidagari at the base Bodrum Castle on the east side is an expensive, elegant place that offers wonderful outdoor areas with a great view as well as intimate interior spaces. As is true in most clubs in Bodrum, you should dress nicely.

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