visiting Istanbul & Goreme from 3rd April-10th April

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visiting Istanbul & Goreme from 3rd April-10th April

Post by sfhg » Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:14 pm

hi there,

I am planning to visit Istanbul & Goreme from 3rd April-10th April this year. I just came to know that there will be local elections in Turkey on 30th March. Hence, I am confused about whether to continue with the trip or not considering the protests last year. Please advice me in this regard.


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Re: visiting Istanbul & Goreme from 3rd April-10th April

Post by SwampeastMike » Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:31 pm

Were this me I would go without any serious concern. In the unlikely event that demonstrations/rallies occur as a result of the elections just do what travelers everywhere are told to do. Stay away and don't involve yourself in affairs that do not really concern you. The small towns of Cappadocia rely heavily on tourism (domestic and foreign) and aren't likely to do anything to cause problems. Even at the height of the 2013 protests, visitors in the Sultanahmet area of Istanbul (where most of the major tourist sites are clustered) were scarcely aware of any problems. I don't want to get much into politics, but the Turkish prime minister was at least partially correct in saying that the 2013 protests escalated in part due to involvement of "professional" protesters (especially environmentalists) from other countries. I'd say that the chances of anything similar due to the local elections are extremely slim.

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