How I got my iPhone 4 To Work In Turkey

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How I got my iPhone 4 To Work In Turkey

Post by davcamp » Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:11 am

In August 2010 I came to Istanbul with an iPhone 4 after I jail-broke and unlocked it for carriers other than AT&T. I used my passport to apply for service and after the transaction was complete it took about 3 hours to get an active Turkcel signal.

IPhone 4 does not use a regular-sized SIMM card so I cut off the excess plastic on my Turkcel SIMM to a micro-SIMM size and after inserting it into my iPhone 4 it worked! Iphone previous generations will require a jail break and unlock, but, you do not have to cut the SIMM card down as iPhone 3G and 3GS use normal sized SIMMS.

You may also not jail break or unlock your phone but make calls at international rates and use your web-based phone at WI-FI locations.
I turned off “Data” and just use my iPhone to make and receive calls and SMS’s while scanning various locations to browse the net for free, or, connecting to your WI-FI service in your hotel.

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Re: How I got my iPhone 4 To Work In Turkey

Post by David-Alegria » Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:57 pm

First I REALLY like TurkeyTtravelPlanner and have used it for years. But, I wanted to comment that to the best of my knowledge Turkcell stopped using kontör (kontor) quite some time ago. Now you just have Turkish Lira credit (usually called TL) in your phone. The whole system is still maddeningly confusing, but at least the kontör are gone. They have special offers where you can "Buy" 150TL for 30TL, but they expire in 30 days and they are only for domestic calls inside Turkey. And there is a deal where you can buy 120 minutes of calls to America for 9TL that also expire in 30 days, and so on. In other words, you must figure out the deals or it will be VERY expensive. Some shops will put much less money in you phone account than they charged you, or than you asked them to. Always dial *123#, then press (green?) call button. Soon, while you are still right outside the shop to see if they did what you want. That gives the balance of TL left for calls.

NOTE!! Many of these errors are NOT them trying to cheat you!!! While that is always possible, it is usually that you did not ask exactly the right way and they are trying to do you some favor, or they are embarrassed to not have understood you and are guessing. Most Turks are honest and helpful. All are very polite. Please be careful to now falsely accuse them. Even if they are crooks, it never helps and for sure you will often offend some good folks due to your misunderstanding. err on the side of politeness, but count your change, as it were.

I will be walking in your wake and do not want the good guys mad at me because you goofed.

I can buy 2hrs of voice calls to the USA for 9tl for 30days
*123*45# then press call to see remaining time
*159# press call (this is not as good, but will work. But I got 2 messages and the 2nd was the info.)

I did that 31 Aug 2013 and got
ALO AMERİKA 2 saat paketinizden kalan dk: 48. Son kullanim suresi: 08-09-2013
which I think means that at that instant, I had:
ALO package trick AMERICA 2 hours plan with remaining minutes = 48. Expiration : 08-09-2013 (8 Sept expires 48 Min left.)

Please move this post to where it should be. I wanted to comment to the webmaster easily and directly, but had to go to a major Easter Egg Hunt and then wait many hours for my 'approval.' But I still love I mean no offense and none taken. Tom has to be careful. We just live in very complicated times. Especially with cell phones. BTW, how you register a non-Turkish cell phone has recently changed. Pay little attention to answers more than 2 or 3 months old. You will have to pay money. Perhaps more than a basic phone. It is a complicated, moving target. But, the only difference between an adventure and an ordeal is attitude. Like the song says: "Don't worry. Be Happy!" It helps.

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Re: How I got my iPhone 4 To Work In Turkey

Post by David-Alegria » Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:15 pm

I forgot to say that if you call Turkcell Customer Services from a non-Turkcell cell phone you may need to dial 0532 532 00 00 from inside Turkey and 011 90 532 532 00 00 from outside Turkey. You used to call 444 0 532. No longer.

If you have any working Turkcell cell phone, just dial 532 on any Turkcell cell phone. Just the 3 digits. You can use a friend's phone. There is a very small charge, like 0.30TL regardless of how long you talk. I talked to them for an hour once. At the end of the call the phone will have a text of the actual bill.

When you call it, you will get a recording in Turkish and then a very brief recoding in English saying to dial 77 for English. Then more Turkish. You MUST press 77 after the English recording starts. Not before and not very long after it stops the 77 part. A narrow window of opportunity. Otherwise, you cannot get the English. You will need to hang up and call again.

They will then want your Turkcell number, so be ready. You can press something to indicate you are not a Turkcell customer, and I think you will get a human, but it is best to have your Turkcell number in front of you BEFORE you dial.

One website still says:
Here are the Customer Service numbers for the three Turkish mobile phone companies. All are "444" numbers, meaning you do not need to dial an area/city code if you are calling from within Turkey. (444 numbers are charged at the local rate, not the long-distance rate). Just dial these numbers:

Turkcell: 444 0 532

Vodaphone: 444 0 542

Avea: 444 1 500

So, the others may not need 444 either. Or, perhaps they all still do. Expect the unexpected.

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