it is doable!!

Feedback from travelers recently returned from Turkey: what's good, what's bad, what they found

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it is doable!!

Post by kiara1 » Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:56 am

hi guys, we are back and had a LOVELY time in both Jordan and Turkey!! we rented a car from ''economy car rentals'' and waited 3 hours for it on the airport so was of to a late start. (got a diesel and did 19km p litre!! with aircon fullblast and doing mountainroads) drove to Gallipoli and arrived before nightfall, slept over, did WW1 sites next morning (very nice 3D war simulation at museum) crossed over on ferrry (29TL) to canakkale.... i can go on and on about all the site and everything we did and maby bore some people to death :D bottom line is we easily did the 3000km in a circle route from and to Istanbul (9-16july and spend 5 days thereafter in IST) if interested email me and i can send you the whole trip we did..... we stayed in cheap hotels (100TL) for 3 people and spend our money on food and entrance fees the next day. these fees added up to be A LOT!! 25TL pp = 75TL per site and sometimes inside the site you have to pay again for entry into enclosed areas (another 15TL PP) we loved all the sites, loved the museums, LOVED Goreme (21/2 days) and LOVED the Sultanahmed area we stayd in in IST. Hated people shuffing stuff to buy in your face, hated the grand bazaar in IST, didn't like the breakfasts so much (we do the protein thing and not so much the bread and cake thing) loved their roads and the condition of them (5star against what we have left of our roads in south africa) Loved the turkish music and their Baklava, didn't do a turkish bath, rather went to a dervish show and LOVED it!! i don't now if we will ever go there again but i loved every moment and have memories to last me a lifetime

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Re: it is doable!!

Post by SwampeastMike » Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:33 pm

Entrance fees (especially in the West) do mount especially when you're moving quickly.

After seeing the fuel costs I bet you're happy that you paid a bit extra for a Diesel! They may not be quick but those little engines get great economy while still having torque for the mountains.

Two months of Turkish breakfasts coming for us soon. I like them (especially the olives and tomatoes) but will say that I fry an entire pound of bacon the first day I'm home, fry some sunny-side-up eggs and can't wait for some "bad" American coffee instead of the instant junk or the Turkish "mud".

Should you return, I'd suggest exploring in places (within or without cities) that aren't so popular with foreign tourists. No "stuffing stuff to buy in your face" and the bazaars are much more enjoyable.

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