Turkey is Terrific

Feedback from travelers recently returned from Turkey: what's good, what's bad, what they found

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Turkey is Terrific

Post by Terra Encounters » Tue May 06, 2014 3:39 am

I would first like to thank Tom Brosnahan and everyone else who has made this a unique web site. It was one of the sites we used to plan our trip to Turkey.

After many years of false starts — especially at the end of our three-year Round-The-World (RTW) backpack trip — we finally did visit Turkey. It was interesting that during our RTW trip many travellers told us that of all the countries in Europe, the people in Ireland and Turkey were the friendliest; and that of all the countries these two were their favourites. Indeed the warmth and rapport with the locals made our trip to Turkey — of course add in all the incredible things to see and do...

We have many stories and photos to share. So we just started our own blog where we are not only describing what we saw each day but telling what are important things to know about what we saw. We have already posted some static pages about pre-trip planning and our actual itinerary. Comments and questions are welcome.

So please take a look at http://www.terraencounters.blogspot.ca/.

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