Best beach resort....

Comments on lodgings near Ephesus: Selçuk, Kusadasi, Izmir and nearby towns

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Best beach resort....

Post by tand » Sun Feb 12, 2006 12:50 am

Not sure where to place this enquiry...

I am looking for the best beachresort. These are my requirements:

1)Great beach.(sandy beach with clear blue waters). Will all the beaches be extremely crowded?

2)Hotel must be good(planning all inclusive)...sp excellent food is a must and must be situated relatively close to the nightlife/shopping(max 10km)

To my astonishment....even though Turkey has alot of options it was difficult to find an ideal one.

To be frank I am not going to the turkish riviera area(like antalya etc)
So the choices has been compacted to the following resorts...Bodrum, Cesme, Marmaris, Kusadasi and Oludeniz.

Bodrum looks perfect....wellknown nightlife, but I believe that the beaches here are small or even non existent at bodrum itself.

Kusadasi is also a wellknown resort...but it seems a extremely touristy spot.

Oludeniz really intrigued me..but I was surprised to hear that it's not exactly sandy beaches, but is actually pebbles?!?

Cesme is the opposite of Bodrum. Good beaches...but the hotels here are kinda lacking. And pretty far from everywhere.

Anyway I'd appreciate any input which resort would be a good fit for my requirements and hopefully you can recommend hotels to me.

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Post by Muses House » Sun Feb 12, 2006 2:42 am

Okay...I can offer an opinion for Bodrum and Kusadasi.

But first of all I would say that maybe all inclusive is not the right option for you if you are a bit of foodie. The AI's do tend to be very toned down Turkish and work hard to make a big buffet out of a few core ingredients (can you imagine 6 dishes containing sprouts!).

The Bodrum area does have some nice beaches, Dodo beach out by Yalikavak is pretty and sandy (dark sand) and is quiet apart from Sundays. The water is amazingly clear and there are sheltered coves around that area where the Gulets moor up and bob around looking scenic. Yalikavak is about 20 minutes from Bodrum but its got a nice buzz of its own in the summer time, a little covered bazaar and a weekly market.

The 4Reasons hotel in Yalikavak is seriously nice, great food, small and intimate. There are some AI's in the area as it is popular but I don't have any experience of them.

Kusadasi is a pretty buzzing place but it's beaches are big enough to hide an army on. There are some big AI resorts out on sandy Pamucak beach and the beach is wide and open so it's not really the clear crystal water you're looking for.

Just south of Kusadasi on a sandy beach is the Grand Blue Sky which is an AI hotel and supposed to be nice.

Also close to Kusadasi itself are Guzelcamli and Davutlar, these are much quieter and less touristy and the you can explore the Millipark Nature Reserve which has some quieter small sandy coves. The main beach of the area, Long Beach is 6km long and it really is crystal clear water and also has lovely views over to Samos.

Hope this maybe helps a little.


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Post by tand » Tue Feb 14, 2006 9:49 pm

You clear it for me. I think Kusadasi is worth a better look.

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Post by papillon » Sat Feb 18, 2006 7:37 pm

the real hot place for turks is cesme...i havent been but just thought i'd throw that out there

Bodrum is nice but you're right, most beaches are pretty small...but the nightlife and shopping are very nice.

Marmaris...insanely touristic, but if you're down for that...there are some nice beaches...again not too large.

Haven't been to kusadasi..

Oludeniz is very nice, I stayed at a FABULOUS resort with amazing food, wonderful entertainment. The water is gorgeous! The beaches are very pebbly it is very strange to me, a girl originally from the South East coast of the USA :) The resort I stayed in was not directly on the beach, it was a "mountain resort" that overlooked the beach...but it was only about a two minute drive in the resort transport down to the beach. The resort was in Hisaronu which is right above the Oludeniz shopping and restaurant district.

The best "sandy" beach i've been to in turkey is located an hour and a half or so from oludeniz; patara beach.

many beaches in turkey are extremely crowded during the good beach months ;) though i never found it too troublesome...
for instance at Patara the beach is so huge you really dont have to worry about it!

I've also been to Kalkan and Kas which I'm assuming you've ruled out. Kalkan is a nice area with some nice resorts...but i never actually went to the beach there...restaruants are very nice in that area as well!

Hope that helps, if you're interested i will give you the name of the oludeniz/hisaronu resort
good luck!!

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Post by tand » Mon Feb 20, 2006 6:56 pm

cesme is not going to be it. Pretty expensive hotels and not so ellknown here in NL. only sheraton or cheap hotels

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Post by samikenina » Mon Feb 20, 2006 8:06 pm

im curious..why 'definitely not ' the turkish riviera.
From Antalya down to Alanya there are some good hotels great beaches night life and shopping.
Belek on the outskirts of Antalya has some great hotels set on a super beach. Antalya is a great centre for getting around to has the best nightlife outside of istanbul and ankara...
i'd love to know why not Antalya??

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Post by Rauf » Tue Feb 21, 2006 6:55 am

Ah, een Nederlander :)
Always funny.

You expect Turkey to be perfect but don't want to pay alot of money for it because you've heard that it's cheap.

If you want the best?
Sheraton in Çeşme.
otherwise Belek has some good hotels with great beaches with alot of 5 star hotels that include ultra all inclusive. (free minibar that's filled every day and free room service)

And you can just visit the hotel disco if you want to party, also these hotels have alot of entertainment (day/night)
And the beaches are all sand. I believe all 5 star hotels brougt in sand to make the beach sandy :)

And if you get bored of them you can just jump in a dolmus (ford transit) and go to antalya to party.

Papillon, I agree, Patara is one of the best beaches I have ever been.
just walk for 50 meters into the sea and the water is still wont be as high as your neck.
Best of all, no hotels and hardly any buildings.

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Post by papillon » Tue Feb 21, 2006 7:16 am

haha thanks for your agreement Rauf :)

it is quite cool to see a beach so expansive and so desolate...haha didn't for a SECOND miss the US Southeast beaches when i walked down the "boardwalk" to patara :) :)

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Post by jkm » Thu Jul 13, 2006 6:12 pm

I like the Kusdasi area, there are lots of beaches and sights to see. I stay 10 minutes from the beaches in a small town called selcuk, lower prices, and much more cosy. try Jimmys Place for clean and good prices and friendly staff. I am off in two weeks and I can hardly wait.

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Post by WWWatchdog » Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:02 am

Jimmy's Place is GREAT!

For a Hotel AND a HOSTEL.

Please tell Jimmy that Donn and Valerie say HI...

And please also tell him that his LINKS ARE NOT WORKING!!!

I am getting ready to write him a letter!

I would absolutely go back to Jimmy's in a heartbeat! Loved It!

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