Hotel Bella in Selcuk

Comments on lodgings near Ephesus: Selçuk, Kusadasi, Izmir and nearby towns

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Hotel Bella in Selcuk

Post by andykeen » Wed Aug 16, 2006 1:58 pm

We went round Turkey last month, and Hotel Bella was our favourite place that we stayed. Erdal and Nazmi (the owners) were so friendly, and the roof terrace and room very comfortable. We were sorry to have only been able to stay 2 nights. We were ferried around by people-carrier to Ephesus, to the Seven Sleepers for a gozleme lunch, and also from the otogar to the hotel. We met some great people there, tried out a nargile water-pipe, and danced the night away on the second night to live musicians. We would definitely go again. Ephesus is a remarkable Classical ruin (the extra price to go up into the house-terrace area was definitely worth it) and the people are great. The carpet shop connected to Hotel Bella was also very interesting and had some great carpets - we didn't buy, but some people staying at the same time as us spent 5 hours learning about carpets and then had two carpets sent home to LA for them. The food is also very nice.

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I second that

Post by lullah75 » Sat Oct 07, 2006 1:30 am

We stayed at Hotel Bella in September. The best part of staying there was the willingness of the Hotel to shuttle you wherever you wanted to go, for FREE. We were driven up to Sirince (which is a steep walk otherwise), to Pamucak beach, and Ephesus. We were able to set the times we wanted to go and be picked up. It was very helpful. For such a cheap hotel rate, this was a big bonus and really made up for any other shortfalls.

Just as a note, these were the shortfalls.

The dinner that is available is prix fixe and that was difficult since I have a sensitive stomach and have to be very picky about the kinds of mezes I can eat. We ate at another hotel restaurant that was not prix fixe. But if you like it, then its really convenient being right upstairs.

Also they never cleaned our room in the 4 days we were there. Since the cleaning staff left a pile of supplies in the hall we just helped ourselves. Maybe this is what we were supposed to do. This is not usually an issue but being that the shower is the WHOLE bathroom (there is a curtain but the water goes everywhere under the curtain, it certainly could have used a mopping up from time to time. We also had a trickle for a shower (so we ended up using the "tub" fixture for additional water--hence the flooding). After some really powerful Turkish showers this was a little sad (and also after going to the beach you do need something to blast off the sunblock).

But they were super friendly. They were very helpful with everything else. They set up a tour guide for us to go to Ephesus with and it cost 25 YTL per couple which was NOTHING compared to some tour rates I was quoted. He was a licensed guide and was able to answer any questions we had. It was nice to be in a small group since massive tour buses roll through. They also advised us which days had less cruise ship groups attending Ephesus. We were "forced" to go to a gozeleme lunch as part of the tour but it was delicious, so assume that's part of the package.

We did buy carpets but NEVER felt pressured to buy and they were also willing to assess carpets we bought elsewhere and tell us if we got a good deal. They were very honest (our other carpets were not the highest quality but the price we paid was just right). The carpet lecture class (which was attended by the 2 other couples who we toured Ephesus with) felt like it was more of a requirement to attend but it was really interesting and it was something we really wanted to do (but maybe not at the end of the day where we toured Ephesus and were really tired). Of the three couples, 2 bought carpets and not at the time of the lecture. We all ended up walking away and coming back of our own accord to buy later. So really no pressure at all.

Expect the rooms to be no frills, but enjoy the rooftop reading area and bar. And enjoy the wonderful hosts.

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Hotel Bella - Beware

Post by EricLidman » Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:30 am

Just got back yesterday from an amazing 2-week trip, and stayed at Hotel Bella for 1 night. Yes, the guys at Bella are nice, but they tried to play games with my long-standing reservation. I had requested a room with a view more than a month before arriving, and received confirmation of same .. but when I arrived, they played dumb, and tried to stick my girlfriend and I in the tiniest of rooms, with a view of the room across the airshaft .. the room was simply not acceptable for 2 people. It was only when I produced a hard copy of the confirming email, and threatened to walk out that they suddenly were able to clear a room with a view for us ... pretty shady if you ask me.

But yes, the roof deck was pretty cool, and they served up a nice dinner .. but they caused me and my girlfriend a few minutes of unnecessary angst.

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I know Hotel Bella is hot ...

Post by tuberosa » Sat Dec 22, 2007 7:45 am

I was trying to book Hotel Bella for our stay in 2008 May. Even it's an early book ( 6 months earlier !). they said they are full booked. I was little depresed but still have keep some hope. So I wrote to them and said I really like their hotel and want to be in the waiting list if possible.

Well ... I think this hotel really TOO HOT. Theyjust reaply, " We don't have waiting list."

I know it's such a reputed hotel but I still feel frustrated by the rude response.

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Post by carrie » Sun Dec 23, 2007 7:38 pm

Sad...why not try the Akay Hotel...that is where we stayed in Feb 2007..really liked it and you can find my review if you search for the name of the hotel. It is also listed on the Selcuk hotel pages by Tom.....that is why we stayed there..good luck and happy planning


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