Panoramic Cave Hotel (aka Yellow Roses) review

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Panoramic Cave Hotel (aka Yellow Roses) review

Post by lorien_i » Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:00 pm

We stayed five nights at the Panorama Cave Hotel in the middle of October (Friday through Wednesday) and generally we had a very nice time. We paid forty lira per night for a double. It had a nice backpacker atmosphere.

We were moved from a very slightly damp cave after our first night by pleading bronchial issues (the decor and beds etc. were very nice).

The terrace, which has an amazing view of Goreme town (including the early morning balloon parade) is really the highlight of the pension.

The breakfasts were good. The hosts were nice, but not incredibly attentive (we got the general impression that they were either a little tired of tourists, or a little tired of each other, or both).

Hot water was intermittent and the bathrooms were only adequately clean. The heat was not on, which wasn't a problem while the weather was nice but when it turned cold and wet, it was a bit (see above re: bronchial issues). We were told the problem was with Seker Bayrami preventing the inspection of the heating system, but it still wasn't on by Wednesday.

All in all, we have a mixed review: the owners were very nice when you could get their attention, they have an amazing terrace and a lovely view (and an adorable kitten). We suspect that, were the weather good and the season (and the host's attitudes) a little fresher, there would be nothing to not like about the pension.

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