Which area to stay in Ankara

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Which area to stay in Ankara

Post by chips1992 » Tue May 18, 2010 11:21 pm


Wanted to ask advice on what is the best area of Ankara to stay in. Will be there for a week in August. Seen several cheapish hotels in Ulus - is that a good area? Are there any areas people would advise avoiding (I lived in Athens for a while, and many cheap hotels were in decidedly dodgy areas!).


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Re: Which area to stay in Ankara

Post by cbcgbg » Thu May 27, 2010 1:07 am

Ulus is the bustling, busy commercial and bazaar area which gets very quiet at night. Dodgy? Probably somewhat, although I wasn't hanging out much late at night and didn't experience anything extraordinary. I know some of the cheaper hotels are frequented by Russian/Ukranian prostitutes. I am not aware of any upmarket hotels in Ulus. There is one lovely very small hotel though which is called the Angora House, its a boutique style hotel in the citadel area. A lovely, serene little pension (I am not sure if they have shut down or if they are still operating) and great value. Ulus is certainly the best area for seeing most of the sights in Ankara. The residental areas in and around Ulus are also the poorest neigbourhoods in Ankara. Some quite striking slums. The views from the citadel are astonishing, but take care, it's completely unfenced.

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