Accommodation in Antioch,Gaziantep and Ankara

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Accommodation in Antioch,Gaziantep and Ankara

Post by sus » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:49 pm


It's my first time travelling solo to Turkey and i have 3 months to explore. I arrive in March in Istanbul and have already sussed out somewhere to stay for 9 nights in Istanbul. I then intend on flying to Antioch and bus onto Gaziantep and Ankara , does anyone have any good suggestions about decent accommodation in Antioch, Gaziantep and Ankara? I'm not looking for luxury more, pensions or smaller places where there are other travellers and there is a turkish flavour. Good friendly hosts are a must as I will need them to assist me with getting around these places. Also As I won;t have a car to travel could you also tell me is it sfae to catch taxis and what I need to look out for?


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