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Dress code

Post by Mandi » Sat Jul 29, 2006 8:48 am

My husband is to deliver some seminars / lectures at two of the Universities in Ankara in early October. Can anyone give us any guidelines as to the sort of dress that would be suitable for him? Here he wears a golf shirt and long pants, some lecturers wear shorts and T-shirts, but we suspect Turkey will be a lot more formal. Would a suit be required, or would a jacket and tie be sufficient?

Also, we expect to entertain and/or be entertained by other academics. What dress would be suitable for both of us in the evenings? (The less fancy, the better, as we're going to be backpacking for a month afterwards!!)

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Post by papillon » Sat Jul 29, 2006 2:40 pm

I would go with the long pants approach without a doubt! I can't say I've seen a male in Ankara that wasn't wearing long pants regardless of the temperature (even last week.) MOSTLY you'll even see that they are wearing button down shirts--again often long sleeved, regardless of the temperature. I would say that the attire is less business than the US but still long pants are a must in the city if you want to blend. I've seen my boyfriend's father go to work and its always pants and a long-sleeved button up, though I suspect he wears suits from time to time...

In the evenings in Ankara I'd stick with the same...unless you're going to a bar/club. But mostly as a female I stick to pants (even jeans in the evenings) sometimes longer skirts and a nice top. It won't be terribly hot in October so you should be fine.

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