Health Tourism in Turkey

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Health Tourism in Turkey

Post by danko » Sat Jun 14, 2008 8:52 pm

You can work with us!!!

[size=150]“SMİLE - HEALTH PLUS TOURİSM “[/size]


Medical tourism is the practice of a patient "outsourcing" healthcare services to an area outside of his/her home country. Medical travel is becoming more popular, as more people realize its benefits. The main benefits of health tourism include getting the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination and reaping potentially big monetary savings….


The development level and success Of Turkey in the field of health tourism has gained a worldwide recognition. The main reason in receiving these services in Turkey is that in their countries’ legal social security, these services are excluded.

On other hand, the service qualities, use of the latest technologies in the operations, exist of the successful doctors who have worldwide fame, and of course cost factors compose advantage grid of Turkey.

Operation prices are 50-90% cheaper when we compare with that of European countries.

Before the operation which is performed in the hospitals which is equipped with latest technologies, additional to these services, the opportunity of meeting with the historical, cultural and natural prosperities of Turkey and Istanbul is provided….


Our services begin, yet you are at home with a pre-diagnosing of possible operations.

For this, first you will contact with us about the health and tourism service request via using our “Online Service” or “E-mail”. Upon receipt, the information (X-ray or photograph etc.) that is required by the doctor due to his/her required pre-analyze about your possible operations via e-mail, you can receive them from any health establishment in your country.

After analyze of information that we received, the cure will be determined and the cost of cure and tourism services will be notified you. After we gather a approval notification from your side, a “Meeting Date” will be arranged among us.

With the arrival to Turkey, we will welcome and escort you to the hotel. Next day in the morning, we will meet you with our team who will accompany you during the trip and we will present you a briefing about the trip and your operation. Therefore , the practice that you will experience in Turkey will be supplied to you.

Along the trip, you will feel the comfort and security of a trip which everything is planned before so as not to face with problems, therefore a great experience…

Our services:

Eye Cures: 1. Lask 2. Lask 3. Prk 4. Intralase lasik 5. Wave front lask 6. Intralase wave front 7. Ck 8. Cataract (fako)

Aesthetic Surgery: 1. Operation of Flap-eared 2. Nose Operation Rinoplasti 3. Eyelid Operation 4. Breast-Enlargement 5. Breast-Lessening 6. Breast-Upright-making 7. Belly Stretching 8. Bottom Lifting 9. Removal of Scars or Blade Scars. 10. Cellulite 11. Arm and Leg Stretching 12. Chin Aesthetic 13. Liposuction 14. Botox

1. Teeth Whitening 2. Bridge 3. Porcelain Filling 4. Denture 5. Porcelain Teeth 6. Implant 7. Composite Filling 8. Orthodontics

Cosmetic Care: 1. Hair Wellness 2. Skin Wellness 3. Manicure 4. Pedicure 5. Epilating 6. Massage

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