Blackberry service?

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Blackberry service?

Post by travello » Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:09 am

i will visit istanbul in augest and i need Blackberry service (unlimite download) with prepaied phoneline
shall i buy turkcell or avea? how much it cost?

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Re: Blackberry service?

Post by davcamp » Sat Jul 04, 2009 5:47 pm

I have done this many times and the process has changed over the years. Here is how it has worked the last 2 years for me.
1. You will not be able to buy a Turkcell card - usually you must be a Turkish resident or citizen. Usually I have a friend from Turkey acocmpany me and they allow it as long as the card is registered to a Turkish person. When you apply they have to fax in a copy of Turkish person's ID to Turkcell central office. Some places will ignore those conditions but most will not these days. To be safe go with a Turkish person.

2. Unlocked simms for Turkey can be tricky. Until a couple years ago I could use my T-mobile phone (unlocked) for an indefinite amount of time. Last two times I went my unlocked phone worked for just about ten days. Then I had to go to Turkcell store to pay an additional price (IThink 20-40YTL) so they coulld register the phone on thieir system. One time I went thru this process and it took many days (7-10) before I could use the phone.

Each time I go to Turkey I get a differnt scenario. My friends say the situation is tenuous b/c Turkcell has a sales initiative to sell phones.

Good luck..if you encounter problems/ may want to consider another carrier Avea or Telsim or Vodafone.

Safe travels,
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