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Restaurant recommendations

Post by adampaul » Mon Apr 17, 2006 9:15 pm

Hi folks,

I'm off to IST tomorrow, and have received lots of restaurant tips from this board. I also got some suggestions from the wife of the owner of a local Turkish restaurant, but they don't have addresses, and in a few cases I can't even find the district they're in. They are:

Kanaat Lokantasi, Uskudor
Cicek Pasaji, Beyoglu
Beyti et lokantasi, Florya (this is the famed Beyti mentioned on this forum, I suppose?)
Gelik Restaurant, Balarkay (where is Balarkay?)
Anadolu Kavagi (is this the Anadolu fish place on the NW corner of the Bosphorus that has been discussed here?).

If anyone has any information about the above, or an address, that'd be great!

I will definitely post back here with my food experiences when I return. I've had Turkish food at restaurants here at home, and absolutely love it, so I can't wait to see what further culinary wonders await us in its homeland!


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Post by steve » Tue Apr 25, 2006 12:28 am

I'm not familiar with the others, but regular readers of this board will know that I quite liked Beyti! The one you list is the same one mentioned on here. It's in Florya. Get a cab and ask him to wait for you - even with the cost of the meal it'll still be good value. Wear a shirt, but no need to be too formal.

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