Two good Restaurants in Sultanahmet

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Two good Restaurants in Sultanahmet

Post by mansoornasir » Mon May 12, 2008 5:55 am

I would like to recommend two really good restaurants in the Sultanahmet area. Generally its hard to find cheap and good food as everything on Divan Yolu (main eatry area) is just ok not great.

The first is Cağaloğlu Paksüt on BabaAli Caddesi off of Divan Yolu. Just go west on Divan Yolu and turn right at the first traffic light. The restaurant is about 50 yards down on the right side. This place was very popular among the locals but their timings were hard to figure out. I think the best time to go is during lunch hour. This place had the freshest and most delicious food we had in all of Sultanahmet. We went back again only to find them closed.

The second is a restaurant also off of Divan Yolu on (I think) Peykhane Sk. This time go farther west on Divan Yolu past the bank on the left side and turn left on PeyKhane Sk. There are three restaurants a little down on the street. We went to the first one on the left. I think it was called Laleli Restaurant . Again the food was excellent and freshly prepared. They had one of the best lentil soups I have ever had in my life. Rest of the dishes were good too.

Note: If you want Doner Kebabs then you have to grab and early dinner as it is almost impossible to find a good place still serving Doner kebabs by 8 or 9pm.


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