Best parts of Sultanahmet for Food

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Best parts of Sultanahmet for Food

Post by kanewai » Tue Feb 16, 2010 10:53 pm

I’ll be back in İstanbul this March, and am considering staying in Sultanahmet for the first time. I’ve always stayed in Beyoğlu before. I loved the small lokantas there – you could pick one at random, and it really was hard to go wrong with any of them! I also remember that the lunches I had in the heart of Sultanahmet were rather average.

How is the food scene a little bit away from the main historic center? There are interesting looking & affordable hotels closer to Küçük Aya Sofia and Kumkapı. Are there also nice cafes in those areas, or is it still mostly tourist food?

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Re: Best parts of Sultanahmet for Food

Post by davcamp » Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:07 pm

There are good foods near Kucuk Ayasofya. There are several restaurants on the way as you pass Hippodrome down toward the coast. The food is generally the same as they are closer toward the main drag, and may have a small price advantage away from the tramway areas. same foods...Koefte, etc.

I recommend staying at Nobel Hostel which is right inbetween the Hippodrome and Kucuk Ayasopha.
I was there October 2009 and stayed in a room with four beds - shared bathroom for about 30 Euros per night. Free wireless internet and breakfast was included in price.

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