fruit paste with nuts at spice bazaar

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fruit paste with nuts at spice bazaar

Post by joelslot » Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:31 pm

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During my recent visit to Istanbul I went through the Spice Bazaar and purchased a product that large blocks that the merchant then sliced off into smaller pieces. It came in different colors with different kinds of nuts in the different colors. I purchased a box with a small assortment which the merchant sliced off the block while I watched. I didn't try them until I got home and discovered how delicious they are. There were different flavors, cherry I believe, strawberry. There were also, brown, tan and green colors and perhaps a white color (though I didn't get any of that). This is definitely not locum or Turkish delight. I have searched the internet but all I've come up with is the one picture below. (I wish now I had taken a picture. The blocks were piled one atop another and were very photogenic. Does anyone know what this product is properly called and where I can obtain more of it?

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Re: fruit paste with nuts at spice bazaar

Post by Jeanne » Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:08 pm

I know for sure the white one is a variety of nougat, it is very thick and chewy, and you are right it is addictive! You can buy with pistachio's, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds etc. The browner ones, are blocks with a thickened grape juice as a base. They come also in the sausage shape and balls (they are called 'atom'). Same they are usually filled with a kind of nut. On the picture yo show you can see there is one with pomigranate juice.
I checked the Malatya Pazari online shopping, but I do not see what you ask for only dried fruits and nuts;
This is the place where I do my shopping while in istanbul, either in the Egyptian Bazar or these days they are also in Istinye park.
You could try any local Turkish grocery, perhaps you can find it there, if not do return to Turkey for a holiday!
Good luck!

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