Carpet buying - getting help from an expert

Where and how to buy them, what to look for, and avoid, and how much to pay.

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Carpet buying - getting help from an expert

Post by danrath » Mon May 14, 2012 7:39 pm

Hi, does anyone know of an independent, knowledgable person on carpets / kilims in Istanbul who would be willing to spend a half day / day with me to help me buy one?
It would need to be someone not affiliated with any of the carpet shops and who has considerable experience spotting quality, fakes etc. Not sure if this service exists but I'd happily pay for the service. Any information anyone has would be appreciated.

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Re: Carpet buying - getting help from an expert

Post by Tavsan » Thu May 17, 2012 6:28 am


Below are the names of a couple of people listed on the Turkish Cultural Foundation website as weavers. One of these two folks might know an "expert" they could recommend or they may have enough of a background in weaving and its history to assist you directly. You could always contact the TCF in Istanbul and ask them if they have a specific carpet/kilim expert they could recommend.

Ahmet Unal: ... al-513.htm

Perihan Saka : ... a-1373.htm
E-Mail: gümü

Also, here is a link to restoration and preservation experts who might also recommend an carpet specialist in Istanbul.

Below is one of my favorite scholars/experts on Islamic culture and art and on Turkish arts in general. Walter Denny is an amazing fellow indeed with a remarkable story of how he came into his expertise. This is one of his lectures from a few years ago:

Having an expert with you when you shop might cost you somewhat more than just going and buying a random carpet or kilim but they may be able to save you some time and know the better places to shop. It's a big investment in many cases and having an expert opinion may well be worth the extra dollars.


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