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Post by Pollyanna » Tue May 09, 2006 5:15 am

We are now 5000 miles into our Expat Harem tour, after 20 states and 16 events. Been away from beautiful Turkey for over 3 weeks now :cry:

But we've met with more 475 people so far at our events and are thrilled with all the new people we're meeting: Turks, turkophiles, and people just preparing to delve into to the culture.

Papillon, were you in DC?


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Post by Pollyanna » Thu Dec 14, 2006 11:06 am

Hi Everyone,

As the coeditor of Tales from the Expat Harem, it's been a whirlwind of a
2006 and before it's over I wanted to say THANK YOU!

A LOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR THIS YEAR... first of all, for the kind interest of readers here at Turkey Travel Planner who have generously shared their reviews of the anthology with us all.

A QUICK UPDATE Here in Istanbul, the original edition of Tales from the
Expat Harem is celebrating its first anniversary! The little book I edited
with fellow American in Istanbul Anastasia Ashman and which includes the
tales of 32 women from 6 nations is now in 110 libraries worldwide, it has
spurred readers to book plane flights to Turkey, it's been recommended by National Geographic Traveler, and it's being studied in at least 3 North
American universities.

FIT FOR A PRINCESS Anastasia and I were recently privileged to meet a royal fan -- Princess Michael of Kent. When our US book tour sponsor gifted the anthology to Her Royal Highness at Kensington Palace this fall, the Princess asked to meet us during her trip to Istanbul in November, which we did! The Princess penned the historical bestseller The Serpent and the Moon. (Details of our dinner at the Expat Harem blog: http://www.expat-harem.blogspot.com )

INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER To everyone spreading the word about Expat Harem we owe a huge debt of gratitude. Already a #1 national bestseller in Turkey in January, and a #1 regional bestseller in Arizona this spring, by October it was a top ten national bestseller in its category at Barnes & Noble, alongside Turkey's new Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk. This could not have happened without you.

NATIONAL HONORS On the November anniversary of the passing of the Turkish Republic's founding father, my coeditor and I were honored to be recognized, amid a group of accomplished women from four nations, with this year's Daughters of Ataturk Woman of Distinction Award.

SNEAK PEEK Erica Kaya's irreverent Expat Harem tale is currently excerpted at the Guardian newspaper's expat portal (http://www.guardianabroad.co.uk) . "Waxing Feminine" is the story of a Tennessee tomboy who wrongly equates primping with promiscuity and in her Turkish re-education rubs up against one of the most intimate lines of contact with a foreign culture. (Read the tale in 3 installments: http://www.guardianabroad.co.uk/diaries/article/173 )

Thanks again for your kind interest and support, Turkey Travel Planners. It truly is a blessing!
All my best wishes for 2007,


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Post by mardee1000 » Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:48 am

I'm enjoying the book very much, especially "A Fine Kettle of Fish" by Trici Venola. This story was worth the price of the book alone. :)

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Re: Tales from the Expat Harem

Post by Kedi Yavrusu » Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:20 pm

I loved this book. One of the stories is set in my husband's home town near Mardin and it made me laugh so much when the woman's mother in law wanted to come in and wash the house with a hose pipe. There have been many times when my husband wanted to "wash" our house and I have had to explain that you cannot get the hose pipe out and wash English Victorian houses :lol:

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