The Beast in the Blood, by George Ellington

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The Beast in the Blood, by George Ellington

Post by george.ellington » Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:28 am

This will seem terribly self-serving, but I have to recommend my own novel, The Beast in the Blood, a detective thriller set in Turkey, available through ISBN: 9781596634251. Here is the back cover blurb:

It should have been a cakewalk … a routine police raid at the home of a notorious drug lord in Ýstanbul. But something went wrong. When Alex Soysal and his fellow narcotics inspectors entered the mansion, the criminal they sought was already dead. And the assassin was still there . . . desperately seeking to retrieve a secret list—a list which signified nothing to Alex. But now he’s determined to find out what it all means … especially when he discovers that his own chief inspector is struggling to get his hands on the same list … even if it means killing Alex to do so.

And so the nightmare unfolds—who can Alex trust? Ultimately, Alex must flee from the police force to which he has devoted his life. He travels to the mountains of eastern Turkey in a desperate attempt to hunt down the real killer and possibly expose the “real” source of the drug lord’s empire. There, Turkish forces battle Kurdish rebels, while narcotics serve as the bloody currency for acquiring weapons of war. And, all the while, a beautiful woman shadows Alex’s every step. But is she there to help him … or is she the killer he seeks?

If you're interested in something else, then I would highly recommend the mystery fiction of two fine authors who also write about Turkey: Jason Goodwin and Barbara Nadel. I see that Nadel's writing has already been described on this board. Goodwin has chosen as his unlikely hero a eunuch, formerly of the Ottoman palace harem - strong, handsome, with a sharp mind and a proclivity for fine food, which he prepares himself. Very well written with a detailed sense of Ottoman atmosphere.

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