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Re: Turkish language learning aids

Post by SwampeastMike » Mon May 02, 2011 1:54 am

heraclitus wrote:... getting my functional Turkish to about 800 words. Not great, I'll grant you, but enough to get the warmest possible appreciation by virtually every Turk I met.
Maybe not great, but pretty good.

I have noticed that the Turkish are especially appreciative of those who try to learn their language. Never a sign of offense when you pronounce incorrectly or say the wrong thing--instead you get smiles and laughs.

Previously I tried to simply learn words using simple memorization using written pronunciation keys. Unfortunately, I pronounced many of the incorrectly. Some sort of companion audio seems a must-have when learning from scratch or even after having visited Turkey once or twice.

I've had some great fun with Turks when we try to teach each other to pronounce our respective languages properly. We both think we are saying correctly, yet we both laugh at the "funny" pronunciation. I think much of the problem is where we place our tongues when producing vowels and at times there have been virtual oral examinations!

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