artist friend needs help

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artist friend needs help

Post by michelleh » Mon Mar 20, 2006 6:28 pm

Are you interested in being part of a worldwide artistic endeavor? Will you be in Istanbul in Mid-April?

An artist friend from New York Angelo Musco is working on a large scale photography project: Parthenogenesis Sequence around the world- an installation made up 11 videos shot around the world on the 41st Parallel.

He is, as he says, traveling alone with his cameras and on a tight budget. He is coming to Istanbul to shoot in mid-April for 3 days. I live in Ankara so I'm hoping that you Istanbulites with an interest in the arts can help him. He is reputable. Check out his website. You've probably seen some of those lots-of-people-in-a-big-city-sometimes-naked-usually-in-black-and-white installations that make news.

Angelo needs "a network of people in each city who can help me with everything from accommodations, finding locations, an assistant, a local model to negotiating local customs. If you know anyone, a school or an organization that might be interested in helping a visiting artist, please help put us in contact with each other. I thank you in advance for all our help. " Angelo Musco 300 West 49th Street #314
New York NY 10019 212 6439043

It would be great if you could e-mail him directly or post an invitation.
Michelle in Ankara

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