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Questions, answers, tips and warnings about land and property ownership by foreigners in Turkey
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Please do not post advertisements

Post by turkeytom » Fri Feb 24, 2006 7:18 pm

"Buying Property in Turkey" is a forum for non-professional discussions of buying and selling property in Turkey: rules, regulations, prices, best regions, etc.

Posting advertisement messages is not allowed, and messages that are advertisements will be deleted. (An advertisement is a request that TTP users contact someone to use their services as a broker, real estate agent, or other service provider.)

Real estate/rental agents and brokers are welcome to apply for advertisements or a Sponsored Page on This will put your message before TTP users in the proper way, and TTP users may then choose to use your services. You will also be supporting TTP financially, for which you will receive the thanks of all those who benefit from TTP.

For more information on advertising on TTP, please contact me.

Everyone, including real estate professionals and brokers, is welcome to participate in TTP discussions by asking and answering specific questions related to buying and selling property in Turkey. By being helpful to those asking questions on TTP, real estate professionals may exhibit their knowledge, gain the confidence of potential customers, and perhaps win their business.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Tom Brosnahan

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