First time buyer- Safety- earthquakes-out of season

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First time buyer- Safety- earthquakes-out of season

Post by dphelan » Thu Jun 15, 2006 9:46 am

My wife and I are considering buying a property in Alanya.
1. I am concerned as to how safe people feel about a property in Turkey when not in residence. What are the break in rates to propertys?
2. Does anyone have experience with breakins and subsequent insurance claims.
3. Turkey is in an earthquake zone, how safe is it to buy an appartment on the 2nd or higher floors
4. If a property costs €65,000 what will the final cost be when all the local taxes and legal costs are included.

I hope these questions do not seem too silly but I would just like to get an informed opinion on them
Many thanks

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Post by bryn » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:07 am

Dave as no one has answered here a pop at it for you.

1. Break in rates are low but allways look at wether you have security on site and look at putting on security bars/alarm etc.

2. Insurance companies arent too difficult to deal with here and havent had any problems with them.

3. Yes Turkey does have earthquakes but the buildings (modern ones) do comply with earthquake building regs which are aligne to regs in other earthquake areas (notably california)

4. All up cost well this can vary but if you ave a good agent it should be less than 3% of the price and your agent should give you a list of cost pre sale.

PM me or email for further help and good luck with it.

because not all estate agents are the same

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