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Re: Furniture import or buy

Post by bobbaldock » Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:54 pm

Sue Skolfield wrote:We have apartments in Side which I know is a long way from where you are but we bought our beds and other furniture from Seray which have branches all over Turkey and you can find a list of their branches on the internet. Their beds are amazing. The open up on hydraulics and the whole of the inside is a storage area and the mattresses are some of the most comfortable we have every slept on (and the pillows). Another good furniture shop is Kelebek who also have many branches in Turkey (I think that is the right way round if not it's Kebelek). They are not the cheapest but the quality is excellent. And, as in most places in Turkey don't agree to the first price they give you. We found that even in the big stores ou can still negotiate the price.
Happy Shopping

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the information about buying furniture and beds in Manavgat.We were thinking of buying in the U.K and shipping out to Side until we discovered the costs.We are also buying from Mecitoglu [4/seasons] so we will put our trust in them to show us the best deals.
Regards. bobbaldock

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