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Re: in need of sound advice

Post by Sheila » Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:56 pm


I have bought a property on Sea Breeze complex, N3, which is due for completion March 2010. I bought it through Parador Proerties. I was recommended to buy a property in Gulluk by Claire Sweeney, who has also purchased a3 bedroom villa, on the developement that is in Gulluk and already completed.Claire has a substantial portfolio of investment properties so I trust her advice. When in Gulluk I saw several apartments on the completed developement and spoke to English people living/staying there who seemed happy with their homes. The quality of workmanship and finish was excellent, far superior to Spain.
I am planning to go to Gulluk later in the year to see how the area is developing but there is a monthly update on all Odek sites on his blog.

I have a photo of the official stamped plan of the marina and where it is going. If anyone would like a copy I would be happy to E mail it

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