Travelling in Turkey with a young child/baby

Tips, cautions and bright ideas for keeping children safe and happy during travel in Turkey.
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Travelling in Turkey with a young child/baby

Post by profannie » Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:21 pm

I am a Canadian currently living in Ankara and I want to share the experience of my friends, who came to see me with their little one year boy.

They were not, at the first glance, thinking that travelling in Turkey with a very young child (baby) would be easy. But having see how Turkish people love child, I convinced them to come and not to worry.

And I was right: hey were absolutely enchanted by their trip and by the way Turks reacted to their child. In Canada, every time they go on a bus or in a public place, people look angry if their child is crying. They always feel like disturbing everybody. Turkey was like another world. Nobody never seemed to bother when their boy was making noise. Everybody was playing with their baby and making him little present. And it was not only the girls or the women; even men in Turkey seemed crazy about little ones!

They had a wonderful time, and they are now thinking that Turkey is the better place in the world to go with a little child.

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Post by carrie » Mon Jul 09, 2007 6:03 pm

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us...I also agree that the turkish people really love children and are very tolerant. By the way welcome to the forums from one Canadian to another. I live in Antalya and Cirali for over 10 years now.


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Post by margaretp » Fri Oct 12, 2007 12:26 pm

Thought I would just add to the previous comments, we recently returned from the Fethiye area, where we have a house, with our daughter, son in law and our three month old grandson. He adapted quite comfortably to the heat (mid September) had no problems with water (we boiled bottled water) and my daughter never felt uncomfortable when breastfeeding (discretely). We found that most people cooed into his pram and he adored being spoken to in Turkish!! (some strangers initially tried English, but he usually screwed up his face into a scowl, so we just said "try Turkish").

The flights proved problem free and as we flew Onur Air the Turkish crew went out of their way to be helpful. We had chosen night flights and this was ideal for him (but not us!) as he slept. My daughter was initially concerned about the lack of rear facing infant seats for car travel, but carried him in a sling and belted herself into a rear passenger seat. The large local buses had an area for parking his pushchair and the sling was used for transport on the dolmus.

We kept ourselves extra fit as we certainly walked more than usual, all in all, a very successful trip and I would thoroughly recommend not having worries over taking young babies to Turkey.

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