Car Seats and High Chairs? Oh, dervishes too...

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Car Seats and High Chairs? Oh, dervishes too...

Post by raosulli » Fri Feb 13, 2009 6:11 pm


I am going to be in Istanbul next week with my husband and our very energetic 14-month-old daughter. The weather looks like it will be pretty rainy so it might be that we'll need to take taxis upon occasion. I was wondering if taxis will carry children without a car seat? Also, if we eat out with our daughter, do most places have high chairs?

Finally, I would love to go see the dervishes whirl! Now, I understand that this is a solemn ritual but I'm wondering if I would be welcome to bring my daughter to watch them? Does anyone know if this would be OK? I would, of course, take her outside if she gets unruly.

Finally, I've heard that the galatasaray hammam is a rip-off. Anyone know if this is true, and if it is does anyone have a clean, authentic hammam they would recommend (obviously I'll be leaving my daughter with my husband for a few hours as a treat!).

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Car Seats and High Chairs? Oh, dervishes too...

Post by ptemiz » Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:23 pm

No problem with high chairs, and even if a high chair isn't available (that would only be in the smallest restaurant in out of the way places) don't be surprised if a helpful waiter/wife of cook looks after your child while you eat. Also no problem in taxis. Whilst this is anathema to westernised health & safety nuts, most Turks travel with kids on their knees. The Dervishes, I'm not sure. Depends where you are going to see them. If this is the Galata Tekke in Tunel, Istanbul it is a pretty small place and excellent atmosphere but if your daughter gets disruptive you'll spend more time outside than in - given ticket prices not a good idea. You could ask you hotel to recommend someone to come with you and walk the child in her stroller while you watch the performance. Galata Tekke is adjacent to Istiklal Caddesi where there are street performances, and colourful shops/restaurants - plenty of visual stuff to keep child engaged. If you are planning to see Dervishes at a venue bigger than Galata Tekke than maybe you'll be OK.

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