Bus travel with a toddler - itinerary help

Tips, cautions and bright ideas for keeping children safe and happy during travel in Turkey.
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Bus travel with a toddler - itinerary help

Post by chelley » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:05 pm

Hi there

My husband, 20 month old daughter and I are planning to do a quick trip to visit Turkey as part of 6 weeks of travel on our way home from the UK to Australia. I am hoping people will be able to help with some of our questions.

We want to visit Istanbul, the Cappadocia's and Gallipoli. We would also love to visit Pammukale if we could fit it in.

My daughter is very well travelled and has been on overnight buses and sleeper trains before. However we haven't done a lot of travel since she has been a very active toddler and the idea of putting her on an overnight bus at the moment fills me with terror. We have chosen train travel for eastern europe on our way to turkey. Can someone advise me of the best route to take from istanbul to these sites using internal flights or trains - we are trying to go the most budget friendly option.

I have read through the website - almost all the pages :? and I am still unsure of what will work best for us since we do not want to hire a car.

Since it will also be winter we are unsure of whether the weather will impact on travel connections running and whether Turkey is still a good place to travel to in the cold. We will be travelling down to Turkey from Sweden and Berlin so will have already been in the cold weather.

Do the balloon rides still run in Cappadocia in the winter? Is the area still worth visiting in the winter? Would we be better off giving it a miss if we only want to spend 7 days in Turkey. I am just dying to go but don't want to rush around like a chook without a head and run the family ragged if it won't be worth it.

Also can anyone recommend a tour out to Gallipoli which would be happy to have a small child taken along for the day. I understand there may not be car seats in the vans - this was the situation when we travelled through Malaysia. Alternatively can anyone recommend a private tour company which is reasonably priced that could accommodate a toddler

thank you for any advice offered about travelling to this amazing country

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