advice for Aegean Coast with toddler

Tips, cautions and bright ideas for keeping children safe and happy during travel in Turkey.
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advice for Aegean Coast with toddler

Post by Kiwilover » Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:23 pm

First I want to express thanks for this website. What an amazing resource! My husband and I are trying to plan a holiday in Turkey with our 22 month-old. We just booked the tickets yesterday, and we leave next week, so we're short on time to sort through all the information on this site and others. Hoping the expertise in this forum can assist us with decision-making.

We have 10 days in Turkey, beginning and ending the trip by staying with friends in Istanbul. We'd like to spend some time on the Aegean Coast in between (Sun-Thurs or Fri). We are having trouble deciding whether we should fly to Izmir or Bodrum, and whether we should stay in the Kusadasi area, Bodrum, or someplace in between. Our main goal is to relax, see a new place, and have some fun on the beach. We do realize it won't be swimming weather, but our son adores playing in the sand. The only 'must' on our sight-seeing list is Ephesus. I know there are other amazing sites, but we don't want to drag our toddler all over in the car or on a bus if he isn't in the mood. I'm pregnant and this is our last major holiday as a family of 3. We want to have fun, but not come back (to Switzerland) exhausted. I like the idea of having the sites accessible, and if all is going well we'll get to more than Ephesus.

The dilemma is that we find the towns and accomodation near Bodrum more appealing than Kusadasi, but that makes Ephesus (and some other sites) pretty far for a day trip when there's a toddler involved. Any tips on towns we should be looking at (e.g. is Pamecak beach too remote?), or specific hotels or villas/apartments? We'd like a seaview and a separate room to put our noisy sleeper in. I'm assuming it probably won't be warm enough to swim in a pool, but correct me if I'm wrong on that.

Would also appreciate perspective on whether a hotel resort or a self-catering apartment is better. Generally we prefer to be able to do some cooking of our own and eat out in local restaurants, but sometimes the holiday resort option just makes life easier. I realize the answer to this depends a lot on the resort, it's location, and the same for the apartment, but all advice welcome.


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